Keep Calm and Draw on Whatever You Can!

Welcome to the first interview of this blog.

Meet Lucrezia from Italy. She is unbelievably sweet person with a big heart. From her work and answers you can tell she is also very talented and modest artist. To see more of her work check out her Instagram: keep_calm_and_draw_everywhere

My friend introduced me her Instagram and I found it incredible. It is a great idea – so many people would love to customize their things but not everyone has that ability. I also ordered something from her. Wait till the end to see!

From personal Instagram account of Lucrezia.

And here goes the interview!

  • Could you introduce yourself? 

Hi! I’m Lucrezia and I’m 24years old. I live in Magenta a city close to Milan. I studied as a dental technician but I don’t do it as a job. I’ve been a volunteer in an ambulance as a paramedic for 5 years. ( quite different from the one in the USA.) It became my job for the whole of 2020 but the contract expired in 2021 ( of course It had to be my job during a global pandemic). My hobbies are drawing, baking and music.

  • When did you started drawing?

 I always drew ever since I was a child, but I really got passionate about it only in the first year of high school. I started one day in the summer because I was bored. I found on Facebook some cool tattoo drawing and I just decide to copy it… I never stopped since then, well I got a bit better and make it more mine.

  •  How would you describe your personal drawing style?

I don’t know which is my style but I can say that I like to make more realistic things/face even tho I’m not good at the hyper-realistic draw.

  • What do you like about drawing?

 I like drawing because it’s my safe place. When I start I can go on for hours/days but I can’t do it without music. put my headphones on it’s the first thing I do before start the draw. It relaxed me.

  • What music do you like to listen when you’re drawing?

 I usually listen to rock/metal music sometimes I listen to some pop music

  • How did you started drawing on everything? We’re you asked by someone to draw for them or it was your passion and you needed to express yourself wherever?

It began one summer years ago. One friend of mine needed help to paint a t-shirt, so she invited me to her house for made some handprints on some clothing. And at that moment I discovered the fabric paint, I decided to try it and I choose to do it on a brand new white converse all-stars, my mom wasn’t happy about that, but it worked out tho. I still have them.

  • So do you specialize on painting on fabric? I saw also some water bottles etc. what kind of paint you use?

no, I like to try new things even if I will make a disaster. I painted on walls, phone cases, kindle covers, water bottles, wood, etc… I usually use acrylic paint, not on fabrics for that I will use the one made only for fabric because it would stay longer and for water bottle or the luggage I used a primer as a base, paint on the base with acrylic and cover with a cover clear paint

  • It came to my mind if you ever heard about Print on Demand?

no, I only know about Etsy. But it seems cool, I’ll look it up.

  • Were there any hardships to your journey?

Right now I can’t think of something hard. I mean, of course, I had some tough times but look at it now made them less important

  • How did you overcome it? How did you motivate yourself?

  I keep going as I said before, some of them now looked so small. I know that for now the worst part of my life was in my childhood, but I kept going anyway 

  • What do you consider as the biggest failure of yours? (Could be in general or in drawing… what do you want to share)

 my biggest failure it’s that I don’t know who I am and I don’t know what I want to do. I have a lot of regrets and a lot of things that I gave up on. 

  • What do you consider as the biggest win? (In general or in drawing)

 I guess my biggest win is that I beat cancer when I was little. 

  • What is giving you motivation on your journey now?

My motivation today that I have to find my self and what would make me happy 

  • What is the most annoying thing someone ever asked you about (in art/ drawing and in real life if you wanna share)

The most annoying thing I was asked about was to change myself (both personality and physically) just to fit their narrative…

  • What do you imagine first when you hear “an artist”?

 I will imagine a person who has a passion, talent, and creativity, not just in the drawing area but like in music, writing… In actuality everything – I will imagine a person who has a passion, talent, and creativity, not just in the drawing area but like in music, writing… In actuality everything

  • Can you imagine being a full time artist and having your main income from that or is this just your hobby?

 Well, it would be awesome but I’m sure it will be not my job. I’m not that good. I think it will stay a hobby, I would still make stuff for who will ask, of course, but there are so many people more talented than I will ever be so… I mean, it would be awesome but I’m sure it will not be my job. I’m not that good. I think it will stay a hobby, I will still make stuff for who will ask, of course, but there are so many people more talented than I will ever be so…

  • Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your story.

You’re welcome, thanks for having me.

During this interview I realised how hard it really is to do an interview. I would easily let myself be distacted by all the interesting details.

Now it is time for the surprise. I asked Lucre if she could create birhday cards. I am absolutely thrilled and I hope that future owners will be too. That is what art is about – to transfer emotions… And joy or liking are some very subjective categories.

Lucrezia is creating just for fun, it’s not her main source of income. In the next interview I’m gonna introduce you to a Canadian artist Jordan Bouma who is having a job that’s his passion. Stay tuned for next article and if you’d like to know more about him, you can take a peek on his Instagram: jordanbouma

See you next time

P.S.- Let me know if there’s something you’d like to ask Jordan about. 

Jsem milovnicí umění. Založila jsem tento blog, abych inspirovala všechny dělat věci s láskou - ať už jde o umění, či něco jiného. I já se nyní vracím sama k sobě, jelikož jsem se také nechala inspirovat. A co vy?

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