Inspiration and Vision

Hey everyone!

I’m glad to see you here! My intention is to present you young artists – their stories, hobbies, interests, work and also I want to try to make it possible for you, readers, to interact a little bit. You can ask my guests questions too – just send me an email or comment under the last interview (at the end of each interview I will introduce you the next guest). Keep your fingers crossed for me please so I can be true to my vision.

And in case you yourself are artists, or you know someone inspirational, let me know so we all can hear!

I am still contacting artists from all over the world but soon there will be published the first interview. I realised during those interviews I would be pretty bad interviewer for living – I can ask endless amount of seemingly silly questions… Thats also a reason why I asked about the most annoying questions they have ever been asked. So far everyone wanted to be polite I guess and so they didn´t mentioned me.

Art Is a Gift

Me personally, I tried to paint, but i was more of a copycat than a creator. All of my creative ideas wrecked because I wasn´t able to be satisfied with the results my „talent“ delivered. I´m much way more comfortable with expressing myself via movement. I amnot afraid to experiment and repeat the same choreography over and over again – until it is perfect (at least from my point of view). It is giving me energy rather than taking it away and I can forget the time and place and even if anyone is looking at me.

There are different spheres of art and talent. Being creative, innovative, curious, artistic… it’s a gift… gift that requires a lot of work to transform it into something real and beautiful. I’m happy I got the chance to speak or be around people who took actions and made their talents be seen, heard and felt so others can experience something new.

So far I have been blessed and met only people with huge hearts, incredible talent, unbelievable visions and contagious enthusiasm! Their words woke up the desire inside of me. The desire to have my own story… Not the „How I became the famous artist“ kind of story but the „How I realised art brings joy to me and people around me“ one. The feelings performing in front of the audience once brought to me came back. The applause for sure but the joy we shared in the dance group (partially thanks to endorphins released thanks to the movement). The most beautiful thing is to share the happiness with people of the same mindset.

Get Out of Your Shelf

I really hope those stories will bring you joy and inspiration. If you feel like there’s a little seed of passion inside of you, be brave enough to water that seed. In today’s technical era it’s easier to be seen and to gain some confidence by seeing other who made it – so you can get out of your shelf too.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, even from people or things that are at the oter side of the globe. That’s also why is this site multilingual – I want to connect as many people as possible. Because art has its own language and understanding its energy and messages does not necessary depends on the knowledge of artist’s language (geographical)… so please be a benevolent reader and pardon my English.

When some experience speaks deeply to us and we wake up the inner artist the doubts are always near. We feel not good enough or our enviroment doesn´t get it or we are missing the support of the community. And that´s why I would love to create safe place so everyone can feel free share their ideas and visions. Thanks to feeling safe the community could gently push its members to start doing things out of love. Because love brings happiness and happiness of one person brings kindness to everyone around.

In the world where you can be anything be kind!


So everyone – enjoy 🙂

Jsem milovnicí umění. Založila jsem tento blog, abych inspirovala všechny dělat věci s láskou - ať už jde o umění, či něco jiného. I já se nyní vracím sama k sobě, jelikož jsem se také nechala inspirovat. A co vy?

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